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Hi, this is Sai!.

I am woman-owned and led small business enterprise specializing Wedding, Maternity and Life events photography and videography.   My bespoke and creative editing is what defines my photography brand for all of my clients making it a memory for them to remember forever.

My editing is unique to my pictures and the bright, colorful vibrancy along with my ability to put my clients at ease is what I consider my forte. My specialty is photo-documenting Weddings, Maternity and Life Events.

My deep roots, my traditional upbringing, my keen sense of timing and focused attention to the various ceremonies and rituals in Weddings and Life events is what I feel makes the difference to catch that emotion at that time!

I anticipate things that will happen and also coordinate with the wedding coordinator or the priest to ensure that I follow along the rituals and schedule of the day and ensure I capture all of those precious and life-changing moments of yours.

Be it making sure your accessories are looking right – adjusting them as needed; talking to your family to ensure that the saree is draped fine or the lehenga is worn right – these are all things that I naturally do to ensure that I don’t compromise on the look of my clients wherever they are; something that my clients have later remembered and appreciated.

I speak English, Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil fluently and understand Gujarati, Malayalam, and Telugu well enough to understand a spontaneous requirement or comment and work and adjust accordingly. This gives me a huge advantage in capturing Indian Wedding ceremonies and Life Events or putting my Maternity clients at ease.

So where is all this passion and creativity coming from ?? I have always been creative as a person and am a post-graduate diploma holder in Film and Television Production from the University of Mumbai, India, and also completed a specialization course through the New York Institute of Photography to enhance my creative editing skills. I have worked in Bollywood as an Asst Director before I decided to continue my passion for Wedding and Event photography and make that my career choice.

Managing the hustle and seamlessly working with my team of other photographers or videographers is just another day in the life of…… I can't wait to work with you and be able to create those eternal digital memories for you very soon! Please connect with me to discuss your requirements and bookings for Photography and Videography as well as options for other enablers for your events! 

Phone +1 848 260 8633 on phone, text or WhatsApp Email - saimaav1210@gmail.com

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